This page and subsequent pages will be an ongoing project. We will be adding more of April's artwork as it becomes available. Unless otherwise noted, these images represent works by Apri Lawton that were hand painted using oil and canvas. They were NOT digitally produced! Please contact the webmaster if you would like to contribute any Artwork of April Lawton.

Mars and Moon by April Lawton

Mars And Moon by April Lawton A view of Mars from one of its two moons.
Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos, which are thought to be captured asteroids. Both satellites were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall and are named after the characters Phobos and Deimos who, in Greek mythology, accompanied their father Ares, god of war, into battle. - Wikipedia

Small (400 x589)
Large (720 x1059)
Supersized (1826 x 2697)

Mars and Phobos by April Lawton

Mars and Phobos by April Lawton Mars and the larger of it's two moons, Phobos. If you look closely at the top of Phobos you'll see two people standing there - another study in proprtion.

Small (390 x 725)

Megalodon by April Lawton

Meglodon by April Lawton A Megalodon makes it's sudden appearance in present waters.
Megalodon meaning "big tooth" from Ancient Greek is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 28 to 1.5 million years ago during the Cenozoic Era. Megalodon is regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators in vertebrate history and likely had a profound impact on the structure of marine communities. - Wikipedia

Small 400 x 500)
Large (720 x 900)
Supersized (1500 x 1875)

Meteor and Atmosphere by April Lawton

Meteor and Atmosphere by April Lawton A meteor breaks through Earth's atmosphere.

Small (600 x 412)
Large (900 x 617)
Supersized (2200 x 1509)

Meteor and Clouds by April Lawton

Meteor and Clouds by April Lawton A brilliantly conceived moment by April Lawton when a meteor's firey body is filtered by clouds as it's about to strike the earth.

Small (400 x 625)
Large (720 x 1124)
Supersized (1409 x 2200)

Paul Newman by April Lawton

Paul Newman by April Lawton A collage of Paul Newman taken from a number of his various movie roles.

Small (400 x 639)
Large (720 x 1151)
Supersized (1654 x 2644)

Quaggas by April Lawton

Quaggas by April Lawton The Quagga is an extinct subspecies of the plains zebra that lived in South Africa until the 19th century. It was long thought to be a distinct species, but recent genetic studies have shown it to be the southernmost subspecies of the plains zebra. It's name is derived from it's call, which sounds like "kwa-ha-ha". - Wikipedia

Small (400 x 532)
Large (720 x 957)
Supersized (1700 x 2259)

Saturn Ring and Space Shuttle by April Lawton

Saturn Ring and Space Shuttle by April Lawton The Space Shuttle cruises over one of Saturn's asteroid debree-riden belts.

Small (600 x 456)
Large (900 x 685)
Supersized (1800 x 1369)

Saturn Shadow by April Lawton

Horse head Nebula and Jupitor by April Lawton The shadow side of Saturn showing the Sun piercing through it's rings.

Small (400 x 552)
Large (720 x 994)
Supersized (1500 x 2071)

Saturn, Earth and Moon by April Lawton

Saturn, Earth, and Moon by April Lawton Another study in proportion depicting the earth with Saturn from the moon's (or other satellite's) vantage point.

Small 400 x 514)
Large (720 x 926)
Supersized (1800 x 2314)

Sauropoda and Pterosaurs by April Lawton

Sauropod and Pterosaurs by April Lawton The Sauroposa was a dinosaur who had very long necks, long tails, small heads (relative to the rest of their body), and thick, pillar-like legs. Above three Pterosaurs fly by. This is a remarkable study in perspective with wonderful vegetation details with April's signature carved into the tree.


Small (400 x 639)

Large (720 x1145)
Supersized (1500 x 2386)

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