This page and subsequent pages will be an ongoing project. We will be adding more of April's artwork as it becomes available. Unless otherwise noted, these images represent works by Apri Lawton that were hand painted using oil and canvas. They were NOT digitally produced! Please contact the webmaster if you would like to contribute any Artwork of April Lawton.

Squid and Whale by April Lawton

Whale and Squid by April Lawton A popular theme of two of the ocean's greatest beasts challenging each other for dominance!

Small (600 x449)
Large (900 x673)
Supersized (1800 x 1346)

Spaceship with Nebula by April Lawton

Spaceship with Nebula by April Lawton A spaceship zooms through space with a nebula in the background. The spaceship reminds me of a cross between Hans Solo's ride and the Ferrari that April used to drive!

Small (600 x408)
Large (900 x612)
Supersized (2000 x 1359)

Sky City by April Lawton

Sky City by April Lawton A self-contained city sits in the sky rising high above an icy earth. Supersize for greater detail.

Small (400 x 539)
Large (720 x 970)
Supersized (2000 x 2694)

Steller's Sea Cow by April Lawton

Meteor and Atmosphere by April Lawton The Steller's sea cow (Hydrodamalis gigas) was a large, herbivorous marine mammal. It was the largest member of the order Sirenia, which includes its closest living relative, the dugong (Dugong dugon), and the manatees (Trichechus spp.), and "other than the great whales, likely the largest mammal to exist in historic times". - Wikipedia

Small (400 x 507)
Large (720 x 913)
Supersized (1500 x 1901)

Supernova by April Lawton

Super Nova by April Lawton supernova is a stellar explosion that briefly outshines an entire galaxy, radiating as much energy as the Sun is expected to emit over its entire life span, before fading from view over several weeks or months. - Wikipedia

Small (600 x 356)
Large (900 x 533)
Supersized (1800 x 1067)

Supernova 2 by April Lawton

Supernova 2 by April Lawton Read more about supernovas here:

Small only (400 x 737)

Nessie - Plesiosaurs by April Lawton

Nessie Plesiosaurs by April Lawton A diver gets a sudden suprise hello from Nessie, thought by some to be a surviving Plesiosaurs, a species believed by the scientific community to have been extinct for 66 million years. Let's hope the diver won't have to use that knife!

Small (400 x 548)
Large (720 x 987)
Supersized (2000 x 2740)

Various Moons by April Lawton

Various Moons by April Lawton A wonderful painting showing the vast differences that can be found in various moons.

Small (400 x 517)
Large (720 x 931)
Supersized (2000 x 2587)

Vocano with Crescent Moon by April Lawton

Volcano with Crescent Moon by April Lawton A breathtaking depiction of a large crescent moon overlooking a lavendar colored volcano.

Small (400 x 630)
Large (720 x 1134)
Supersized (1500 x 2362)

Galaxies In Motion by April Lawton

Galaxies In Motion by April Lawton A conceptual painting depicting a great event sending glaxies moving through space.

Small 400 x 860)
Large (720 x 1548)
Supersized (1174 x 2524)

Brontosaurus and Man by April Lawton

Brontosaurus and Man by April Lawton The legendary gentle giant - the Brontosaurus, otherwise known as the Apatosaurus, towers above a human being as he sits on a rock (lower left corner), as another study in perspective. This painting was published in the Jan/Feb 1981 edition of Science Digest magazine - part of an article written by April Lawton entitled "From Here To Infinity", soon to be posted here on!

Small (400 x 542)

Large (720 x 976)
Supersized (1800 x 2439)

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